Tarn Hows

We've become those people... the people who dress up their pets. 

... But it's okay because it's to protect him from the cold - right? 

The past few days we've found that it barely takes a gentle breath to get him shivering - so we found Paws by the Lake in Ambleside and kitted Apollo out with some layers. 

We trialled his new gear on a quick 30min around Tarn Hows which was a quick 3km around the mountain tarn. 

He quickly took to his new jacket - it has a wrap around on the stomach and chest area. This means that running through brambles and twigs will be less likely to scratch him. 

We trotted through the woodland areas, he was quick to follow his nose. 

The skies cleared briefly, letting through gentle rays of light which illuminated the new growths in the woods. 

Seeing golden spirals in everyday life leaves me with a few less yet many more questions about life and our existence. 

They are beautiful and never ending, they allow life to grow without needing to change shape. 

Like this little guy, he's growing so fast! Last week he weighed in at over 8kg and this week I'm sure he's well past 10. 

It was great that he was alot warmer in his jacket - on a few previous walks he stopped in the path, sat down and shivered - meaning we'd have to pick him up, wrap him up in our down jackets, and warm him up. The whole time carrying him is tough because, well, he's not that small anymore! 

We nearly made our way all around the lake when fatigue set into his little legs... 

He willingly jumped into his papa's arms! 

We quickly called it a day and headed back to the cottage, and within no time... he was snoring away...