Breakfast by the River

We woke early, pulled on wellies and jumped in the car. I needed coffee and there was only one destination in mind for fuelling.

Chesters by the River was the destination - just next door to a cottage we called home in May. 

With the river gently trickling below the outdoor terrace, we chose to sit outside and watch as the world shook into life. 

We pulled up just as they opened their doors, hungry and in need of caffeine, the staff welcomed us in. 

They presented us with a fresh J Atkinson filter coffee and things started looking pretty normal again... 

With cognitive function gently restored, I was able to comprehend the breakfast menu... and picked advo on sourdough with local bacon and a side of fried egg... an eggcellent choice. 

Fuelled up, we were ready to go! 


Some more lively than others... we wound our way along the river and out onto the valley opening. 

The valley looked out towards Great Langdale... and we ambled, throwing balls for Apollo and watching the morning mist gently lift off the hills. 

A serene and oh so very perfect start to the day...