By The River

This week little Apollo's vaccinations have all kicked in, meaning he can run around outdoors safely. 

So, we figured lets start as we mean to go on. 

We found a beautiful cottage via Heart of the Lakes, it's situated beside the river in Skelwith Bridge just a few minutes outside of Ambleside. 

It's just a stones throw from Chesters by the River which is a perfect fusion of excellent food and an environment made perfect with fantastic staff and acceptance of dogs. Apollo has made friends with anyone and everyone. 

With the sun tickling its way through the clouds we popped in for lunch - dog in hand. He sat quietly watching the other well behaved dogs and we willed him to emulate their behaviour. 

I went for salad and thick cut fries, and red. 

Andrew went for harissa lamb pizza and pale ale.

Apollo went for accidental drops of lamb. 

As we finished lunch a couple took a table next to us, as they saw the little pup curled up they quickly ran back to their van, we watched as they released a beautiful full grown Vizsla! The excitement! Apollo bounded at her, instigating play with a fellow Viz. The energy levels suddenly went from docile to full 90's raver. 

I took him out to the river for a stroll and Andrew popped into Chesters Bakery. 

We're staying in one of these old workers cottages - it's so tranquil. 

The river is high with all the rainwater that has fallen in the hills. 

The bridge over the river is called Skelwith Bridge, thus the name of the small little... hamlet? 

After some pottering around, Apollos was ready for a sleep - he is such a tiny puppy and his joints have not yet fused so we're limited to 30min walks with him at the moment. 

It's not a problem at all though, because we headed back to the cottage where we found Andrew had picked up some cake from the bakery. 

"Bad dog no biscuit!" Chesters was named after an old terrier which used to terrorise Skelwith Bridge. 

We went for a chocolate brownie and a slice of pistachio and almond cake. 

It was difficult to judge the best of the two, but the pistachio and almond was a winner for me! Unfortunately staying next door to a delicious bakery means... got it! 

a whole lotta cake!