Loughrigg and Derwent Water

After a glorious nights sleep in the quiet solitude of Skelwith Bridge... it was time to shake into life. 

I'd have happily slept in the quiet of the cottage all day, but I'd happily sleep anywhere all day. 

Outside the river quietly gushed with the fallen rain during the night, it was mediative to sit watching. 

Time was marching on though, and I figured that a quiet puppy downstairs must mean trouble... 

I quickly got dressed into morning walk staples - jeans and a grey t. 

^ far too much love for these colour tones is occurring! 

I tiptoed downstairs, quiet so as not to disturb the sleeping Vizsla. 

Opening the door I stumbled over this cute scene - Apollo had found a ray of light and lay contentedly warm.

He wanted to potter around outside - giving me an opportunity to get a pot of coffee on the go.

Coffee in hand (camera in the other) I came across this situation. 

He was protecting the perimeter from the little blue birds who attempted to nibbled the crumbs I left them folloing our Italian Feast

His energy levels were high, after a gulp of fresh Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee... I was on my way to higher energy levels... 

So we strolled down to the bridge and listened to the river. 

Then ambled past Chesters and tried desperately to hold our noses from the delicious smells of fresh baking. 

Instead we sniffed the fresh blossoms that have gushed out en mass! 

Feeling so much more alive I coaxed Apollo into a race back to the cottage to boot up more appropriately - the day was in full swing! 

We made our way through the woods upstream and over a footbridge where the river narrowed.  

Then into the trees - letting him run chasing his nose. 

Back from the woods Momma and Momma Murf took us northwards to Derwent Water. 

Pup in hand we boarded a boat and made our way across the lake. 

I have a bit of a dream getaway... and a part of me is planning a break perhaps next year on the lake. Part of this plan involves finding a beautiful boat to call home for a few days, anchoring up, cracking open champagne, and just kick back on the water. 

Luckily Vizslas are incredible swimmers so I have no doubt about taking him. 

The sun graced us, I lay back, closed my eyes... 

^ I opened them to see my absolute dream house staring me right in the face. 

It's got to be fate right? 

We shored up, made our way through the beautiful blossoming trees and wound our way to a hidden waterfall... 

Again the sun appeared, giving us a few moments to chat away amongst the sound of cascading water. 

A group vote concluded that cake and a cup of tea on the lawn at the Lodore Falls Hotel

The afternoon sun gushed down, we sipped, chatted, giggled, the pup chased butterflies,

On the way back towards Ambleside, we passed Winlatter Forest, drove through the picturesque hills and spotted many dream homes. 

Arriving back at the cottage we collapsed in a heap, a very comfortable and content heap! 

I couldn't help but think about the beautiful work of the scenes of crows by Alan Stones as I gazed at the living room crow. 

The cottage was truly beautiful - a perfect gem which fused rustic charm with clean lines and quirky interior. 

The clock* ticked quietly - reminding us that there was about half an hour of light left 

*Every once of my being wanted to run away with this beauty! 

The puppy was willing and ready for a walk - and this artistic reference to Loughrigg continued to antagonise me; what was Loughrigg, where was it, how do you get there... 

We followed a footpath which wound around the back of the cottages. Apollo valiantly led the way. 

When the earth tries to reclaim stone walls with aggressive moss and vegetation, I can't help but awe. 

With the end of magic hour approaching, the trees boasted bokeh and etherial light shows as the breeze rustled them. 

Chasing the light we quickly ascended. 

We arrived at the foot of a small mound which led to an open clearing. We rushed our way to the top of it. 

Then stopped. 


We turned around, and around, following the panorama. 

Words and pictures cannot tell the truth of the silence, we held our breaths as each inhale and exhale was a cacophony. 

As little humans, wandering the earth, it's amazing how the hills and mountains just call us. It's as though we want to get to the top and try to touch the stars. In moments like this, when the sun kisses the horizon goodnight, and the trees stand still, it's as though the entirety of our lives is right here in front of us. 


Back to earth we landed with Apollo racing between us. It was as though he was laughing and smiling, and he wanted to express it by bounding up into the air and lapping up the smells of dusk. 

Now... if you've got any tips for photographing a milling miles a minute pup in full sprint... please advise! This was all we could get... 

So I stood still to try to lead by example... 

Goodnight sun, and thank you for a wonderful day...