Shallow Waters

The morning started off quite dewy with an occasional patter of rain. We put on our waterproofs - and TSnook headwear. 

...And pottered out for a little walk along the banks of Lake Coniston - our destination for a little break last year. 

The puppy pawed at the lakeshore, splashing occasionally and confidently wading in. 

Shallow raindrops fell and coated the trees in droplets. 

The lake was so still, other than the occasional splash from Apollo. 

We headed back to Skelwith Bridge where Andrews sister, brother in law and two nephews were en route... 

The Two Year old was stoked to see him - and show off his new Star Wars t-shirt!

It's pretty exciting being able to take pups into restaurants and pubs here. The Skelwith Bridge Hotel - just next to the cottage - is a great atmosphere with excellent Steak and Ale pie - they say it's the best in the lakes, and I'm pretty convinced that's true! 

The Two Year old tested the puppy's self control by playing the "leave... leave... leave... take!" game with treats. While the Five Year old played "paw..." with him in exchange for little treats. 

Their gorgeous parents reassured them that they could have a puppy... soon... 

After dinner the Five Year Old asked "can we take Apollo for another walk?" 

We wound through the woods and along the stream to an opening in the valley. Sheep over the river grazed, popping their heads up occasionally as the pup barked a squeaky "rrrwooof!" 

There was a whole lot of running around - racing up little mounds of earth and playing fetch... 

We did alot of this... 

Before saying goodnight and watching the embers die down in the fire with a locally brewed stout.