Kirkstone Pass

We were bored of dual carriageways and thought we'd put the 4x4 through its paces. 

On the narrow road up through Kirkstone Pass we sat behind nervous drivers, breaking, accelerating to 20mph then stopping erratically. With my patience tested, we pulled into the car park opposite Kirkstone Pass Inn to walk off passive aggression. 

Within minutes, all the anger towards incompetent drivers had ceased. 

Like a weight lifting, I sat watching the clouds dance over the hilltops. 

Apollo ran loops through the open moors and over the rocks. 

He chased Andrew up over the rocks. Apollo leapt over boulders running between us. In a hurry to leave the car I left his harness on - it's a 3 Peaks Padded Dog Harness which we use to strap him in to the car seat belt. 

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We ran and leapt up onto rocks... installing confidence that he'd be great to take out bouldering with us. 

Once high enough up the hill, we looked down onto the pass. It's one of the highest pass's in England and from the peak you look own onto Rothay Valley to one side and Ullswater Valley to the other side. 

While I watched the sun dance in and out between the clouds, I chatted away to Andrew "wow, just look at that view, look at it

I turned around to find that he and Apollo had wondered off to tackle a few scrambles onto the boulders. 

The rock was luscious and gritty, making hand grips perfect. 

We made a promise to return with the bouldering matts and climbing shoes. 

Then after staring out, breathing the crisp hill air, we said goodbye for now...