Great Langdale

Impromptu, as with all our decisions, we grabbed the tent and gear and made our way to the National Trust's Great Langdale Campsite in the Lake District. 

It had only been a few weeks since our last camping trip, but we fancied some walking and had just picked up a 4x4 and wanted to take it through its paces. 

After arriving in Langdale, we quickly pitched the tent and walked down to The Old Dungeon Ghyll, a pub which the National Trust campsite receptionist advised was a must. 

We found a seat outside in the sunshine - it felt very apres ski. 

Andrew tried local ales, I stuck to cider - I've been avoiding beer and gluten. 

The dog lay in the sunshine beside us, occasionally looking up as we toasted. 

We had heard great things about the Sticklebarn Inn's food and drink and made our way through the valley down to the next pub. 

Agitated by the birds, Apollo was desperate for a run around to work off his energy. 

Making our way through fields with cattle, we kept him on heel with the slip lead. 

Then, in fields which were obviously without any cattle, we would tell him to sit... 

Before removing the lead... 

Then he would dart around with full speed! Did you know that Vizsla's are one of the fastest breeds over a mile sprint? 


He demonstrated his speed, darting between us. 

Sometimes I worry as he runs at me at speeds of a car through a suburb, I think should I move should I move should I move... sometimes he takes me out if his trajectory calculations are off, but normally he turns at the last moment. 

Passing through the final gate before the pub, he stood watching the sheep as we slipped the lead on. 

Their fluffy little faces were too cute for words - in their brown coats they look like they're wearing turtleneck jumpers! 

We arrived at the pub, instead of moving to beer I stuck to cider. We also tried some local Lake District Vodka which Andrew enjoyed, but me, not so much - perhaps I just needed to try more? 

On the specials board were some very accountable local lamb burgers, detailing the farm and areas of grazing for the animals. 

I dived in - it was laced with mint sauce and utterly delicious. 

... someone else also seemed to like it... 


As the sun dipped, the September temperatures fell. The staff assembled logs by the fire and we sat out chatting for a few hours as the skies above filled with layers and layers of stars... 

If you find yourself hiking around Langdale, make your way to the Old Dungeon Ghyll for a pint - it's practically an institution! Once you've wet your appetite ask for directions to the Stickle Barn Inn - it's a 5/10 minute walk through the fields - grab a bite to eat there and you will not be disappointed!