Bluebells and Fattoria

Curled up, reading, the little guy appeared with his lead in mouth. Guilt trip. 

So we ventured out into some nearby bluebell woods where he ran out his energy levels bounding around the fallen trunks. 

The woods were blanketed in soft blue for as far as could be seen. 

We tried to let him venture and run around us off lead, sniffing and following his nose. 

Every now and then though, he'd come bounding back for a cuddle and to rest his little legs. 

There's something about bluebells that remind me of the stories of fairies in the bottom of the garden. 

We continued meandering slowly while he ran happily, checking our watches to make sure we only walk him for the half hour which his little joints are limited to right now. 

I've been practicing whistling for him to return, but I just end up with weird duck face and spitting weirdly. 

We ambled, stopping to capture the layers of blue and white. 

Ambling up a bit of an appetite, we headed back to the cottage. 

We picked up a fresh soda bread from Chesters by the River, and loaded up on carbs.

Right, you need to know about Fattoria La Vialla... last Christmas our friends introduced us to the wine in a snowy cottage in the Peak District. 

Instantly I fell in love. 

So, we filled out a huge order form, and included in the order was this delicious Balsamic vinegar. 

Okay, now onto Fattoria's wine... 

We ordered... alot... of the Torbolone... which is delicious! 

^ sleeping pup - he has a thing for underfloor heating ie it means he can fall asleep in the warmth literally anywhere

Fattoria send seasonal photobooks of whats been going on recently, and with orders they send advice books with their delivery. 

Italy is on the long road trip list next, purely for the intention of visiting the farm! 

Letting the wine air sans carafe, I read through the latest goings on the farm, nibbled bread, dunking it in olive oil and balsamic. 

The light faded, illuminating the warmth of the beautiful cottage.