Chasing Light

It hadn't been long since our last Cloud Chase in the Lake District, well, kinda. It seemed like a little bite of forever waiting for our time in the hills again, so much so that Google Chrome has placed the Right Move of rurality - UK Land and Farms as one of my quick links. Each day I can't help but pursue the latest tumble down cottage lakeside with mountains (and climbing) in one of the 5+ acres of forest within the budget of a second city one bed loft apartment, okay I've saved my preferences, and added notifications. You never know, by my next post I might just be flailing an axe at trees before crawling into a glorified shed with a tep device



We set out from the lakeside views of Low Wood after a fantastic breakfast and chat with the staff about our planned route. There were lots of path closures around Helvellyn but that didn't stop us. 

Then, with the pressure systems changing, the clouds rapidly alternated between sunshine and downpours, but that didn't stop us. 

We startled a field of disgruntled Rams, and my gosh, did that stop us. 

Like the Abyssinian Warthog situation of October, we ran, squealing. 

Once an appropriately sized wall had been placed between us, that didn't stop us. 

A quick reroute and we were back on pace. 

The ascent was tough. It was pretty much 900m with the wind baring down, pulling my steps in all directions. 

The windchill made the air so much more crisp. We had layered technically and my little beanie made all the difference. The company was pretty good too! 

The whole location was beautiful, the changes in weather and dramatic gales made the reward of our walk so much more. 

Upon making it down from the 950m peak, I felt so grateful for Goretex. At the start of the ascent I was in two minds about my gloves, thinking Goretex might be an overkill. It wasn't overkill, it was perfect, and kept me comfortable.  

Until last year if I had the choice between waterproof trousers or drenched leggings, I'd have taken the leggings anyday. That was until a bit of a lightning storm walking situation, where the terrain was a bit too exposed to take the risk of chill. 

I put these summit series salopettes on, and all of a sudden, it was like the stars aligned. The braces kept my back warm and dry, and they didn't feel bulky, instead fitted. 

Taking the gear off, I leant on a birch tree. 

The beauty of the moss and the symbiotic relationship of the tree overwhelmed me for a moment. I couldn't help but feel a sense of oneness with my surroundings. 

Evidently, I spent too long starring at the tree and forgot about the whole precipitation thing. I was drenched, my bobble hat somehow absorbed what much have been a few cubic metres of water - give or take a few. So we jumped into the car, put a soundtrack on, and tested my tight suspension on the awesome tight corners of a pretty spectacular little corner of the world.

Right, I've just got an email through about a rural cabin in disrepair, better order that Tep...