The Greek - Roman Theatre, Taormina, Sicily

"This view, this moment needs a poem" G said as we all watched the sun dip lower towards the horizon. Well, the only words which have been indoctrinated into my brain is a dowdy Shakespeare parody about Debt. So with the beautiful views which have been celebrated and cherished by millinias of civilisation, I repeated Shakespeare. 

In a quest to find a better accompaniment to breath taking views, I turned to the pages from one of literatures most insightful woman, Mary Oliver. 

" you think there is anywhere, in any language, a word billowing enough for the pleasure that fills you, as the sun reaches out, as it warms you as you stand there, empty-handed-- or have you too turned from this world-- or have you too gone crazy for power, for things?"

We had made our way through the enchanting streets of Taormina into the Greek - Roman Theatre. It's Greek - Roman, mainly titled that way because history suggests it could be either who cleared extraordinary volumes of rock to carve out this historical site. 

Sept 2017-185.jpg
Sept 2017-171.jpg

With sunset looming, the city and streets started to fall an eerie quiet. The peace within the ancient walls was utter bliss. 

The views were something else altogether. 

Views out onto the bay were wonderfully meditative with a haze falling over the ocean. 

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Night fell as the sun dipped behind Etna, silhouetting a haze of smoke at the top of the bubbling lava. 

Trying not to think too much about the volcano, we caught out dinner and drinks. 

Sept 2017-190.jpg
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Now, you know those nights when you're enveloped in rolling laughter, enthralled by wonderful tales and hilarious anecdotes and completely forget about the world around you? 

Well in the gardens of Da Lorenzo in Taormina, we sipped through bottles of cool crisp Italian wine in the heat of a dewy summer night, the stars appeared overhead, the tables around us empties and staff began clearing up. We had lost hours to a fantastic spot with wonderful people and the midnight stars began to twinkle, the streets quietened and after surrendering to the fact that we may have to walk those few miles along the beach back to our Airbnb, we flagged down a taxi, bought some extra wine at a roadside stop and retreated to our balcony overlooking the ocean. 

Sept 2017-192.jpg

Bruschetta starters saw the start of this wonderful evening.

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