Sania's House, Ubud, Bali

Describing Sania's House was a collective struggle. 

Just after our weekend break at Sandana Villas, we visited Ubud market, where we briefly wondered through the bustling streets and haggled for little treasures to bring home. The market, like any market was alive with activity, tradesman calling to you, tourists darting from stall to stall, amidst it all was a welcoming entrance squeezed in between two market shops. Within the wonderful chaos of it all, we stumbled into Sania's House. 

We entered the arches and found ourselves in the gardens of a site worlds away from the outside. The lady at the reception desk handed us a business card and welcomed us in for a walk around the grounds. 

That was it, we had found our accommodation for the final night when we would return to Ubud for a John Hardy Workshop Tour. 

We booked ourselves in, indulged in a week of Yoga in Canggu then returned to Sania's House...

It was truly akin to a lost world. With the market outside, within the walls of the grounds we had a quiet calm oasis all to ourselves. 

Huge trees, cascading waterfalls of vines, beautiful climbing flowers, all enveloped the space, creating a cool retreat disturbed only by the call of birds to one another.

The rooms were large spacious, clean and welcoming suites. 

We tried to book a large family villa for us all but it was already taken. 

Nevertheless we were utterly happy with our rooms for the night. 

With views out onto the layers of greenery... 

While inside the rooms were clean and basic, yet they still exceeded our expectations... 

Wanna know the best bit? 

The price was unreal. 

Take a guess... oh and breakfast was included... 

For a night, with day hire of one of the two rooms, with lots of drinks and coffee and breakfast, use of all the facilities... the five of us split the bill from money in the kitty, and it came to $14 each! 

I picked my mouth off the floor. 

After a blissful night's sleep I woke to the early morning sun. I left Charl sleeping contentedly and slipped on my shoes, grabbed my book and headed into the gardens for a coffee. 

These kind of gems are hard to describe, they're difficult to find but when you do stumble across them you can't help but smile in awe. 

The best thing about Sania's house was the proximity to the market. We could drop in and out at our convenience, but retreat to the calm oasis. 

The staff brewed up a fresh pot of Luwak coffee for me and in the quiet of the morning I read happily. 

The smell of breakfast lured the team downstairs into the garden. 

Where we sat nibbling our way through the menu and thoroughly enjoying our surroundings before a morning in the market...sheer bliss.