Sandana Villas, Ubud, Bali

After a long journey to Bali we arrived deep in the Rice Fields outside of Ubud at a beautiful villa, Sandana Villas. The five of us were greeted by a wonderful team and led into our hillside home for the next few days. 

Sandana Ubud Bali Travel Guide 3

We wound our way to the main villa, presented with glasses of fresh watermelon we gazed up at the beautiful building with our backs turned to the layers of rice fields behind. 

Sandana Ubud Bali Travel Guide 4

Happy with our choice of location the Sandana team left us to explore the house and grounds, after a quick group shot! 

Sandana Ubud Bali Travel Guide 7

The building was vast and beautiful with gorgeous open spaces and two bedrooms tucked away behind the living space. 

We dropped our bags in the tree rooms and got to work exploring the tropical location. 

The pool looked on to layers and layers of rice fields, while to the back of the villa dense vegetation with layers and layers of fruit trees. 

Almost every property on the island has its own temple where ancestors and gods are presented with beautiful offerings of flowers, rice and fruit each day. 

To the side of the main villa along a little pathway stood a separate little cabin. 

...with a welcoming porch looking out onto the fields beyond. 

Each room utterly beautiful and welcoming with gorgeous outdoor ensuites... 

Through a roller door the sound of chirping birds enticed us round the corner. 

Sandana Villas Ubud04.jpg

I had to lift my mouth from the floor, that bath was utterly enticing!

With work on the house pending we still have the single shower and original bathroom. Sometimes I block the plug and splash in the shallow puddles of the shower at home. So I managed to score three long indulgent baths in this beauty! Two of which were under blankets of stars above... utterly magical!

To say I slept like a baby is certainly an understatement! Each morning we woke to calls of "good morning... breakfast!" which is certainly the best way to wake.

Sandana Ubud Bali Travel Guide

The great team would deliver trays and trays of fresh fruit, juices, coffee and pancakes... although there were loads of options on the breakfast menu, but nothing quite beats pancakes! 

Sandana Ubud Bali Travel Guide 1

Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day and having the luxury of time to indulge in long lazy breakfasts with great nourishing foods was a perfect indulgence. 

Sandana Ubud Bali Travel Guide 2

The mornings were spent poolside as temperatures climbed. 

Sandana Ubud Bali Travel Guide 5

Utterly serene and the perfect spot to catch up on reading and snoozing... 

Sandana Ubud Bali Travel Guide 6

With a bit of gentle exercise thrown in for good measure! 

Followed by people watching as the field workers chatted enroute to work. 

...and set up for harvesting delicious home grown rice!