Addis Ababa, the New Flower

Addis Ababa is a pretty fantastic city, for a multitude of reasons, but my favourite is the intense fusion of cultural identity. If it's your first visit to the city, it can be overwhelming at times. 

While living in the north of the country, flitting between the UK and Ethiopia, the flight would often be long, leaving you fatigued by the time you touched Abyssian ground. For that reason, we saught out hotels which provided restbite to recover ready for the next leg of the journey.  

On this visit, we checked into the Hilton Addis Ababa. After the initial headache of the checking in process we headed up to a beautiful corner room where we lay on the bed... And sleep engulfed us. Mid afternoon. 

We had overpaid for breakfast, but, it's kinda worth it for the immense feast. If you're a "eat like a King for breakfast, Prince for lunch and Pauper for dinner" kinda person, it's one of my primary life philosophy's, then this is for you. 

I started with coffee and fresh fruit. Then... Had another coffee... 

The fresh fruit was a dream, I tucked into grapefruit, both white and pink. Andrew, an advocate of sweet fruits squirmed at the sight of this...

Fresh pastries were next on the agenda, the muffin is made from gluten free teff wheat, it's a recipe that the chef has adapted showcasing delicious local produce. 

I'm after sourcing some teff back home to do some baking for my gorgeous glutenfree cousin, any recommendations would be massively appreciated!

Then, my day got even better. 

I'll come clean and admit that I did two shots over breakfast. Move over, tequila, I got pink grapefruit. No jokes. Pink grapefruit shots. Andrew ordered another coffee and chose to look the other way as I trembled like an addict over the delicious concentrated vitamins.

After fuelling ourselves to a place beyond satisfaction, we followed the sun to the poolside.


Here we found ourselves lounging, drifting in and out of peaceful naps. 

Occasionally dipping into the warm waters of their heated pools before daring a cold shower, then, returning to the warmth of the East African sun. 


Time disappeared as we sipped sparkling waters, juices, and then, the waiter who now felt like a wonderful old friend asked if we fancied a beer. What! I looked at the time, and sure enough it was mid afternoon...

Well of course! We nipped to get  changed...

Then tried out a few local beers... Before heading back to the poolside, closing our eyes... And repeating the mornings activities. 

Ahh... Lazy? Yes. But that sleep was absolutely required and set us up perfectly for the week ahead...