Beach front

Lets go to the beach, each, lets go get away... my rapping antagonised the pup the whole way in the car. I'm not sure if bringing Nicki Minaj into the confined space invoked his car sickness. 

Nevertheless we were pretty glad to get out into the sunshine. 

We chased the ocean waves on warm sands in the sunshine. The beach empty, the sun shining... all led to a pretty good off lead run. 

And where were we? 

Morecambe Bay! 

After dinner and a catchup with an old buddy the night before, we looked at the time. I had my last Pinot Noir hours before and thought we looked at the time 11pm, nothing needed to be said, we gathered a bag, packed up dog food and treats then disturbed a very sleepy pup. 

I drove northwards while my puppy and man snored. 

We tiptoed into Andrews parents home in the early hours, and the three of us collapsed into bed. 

The next morning with the sun shining we quickly grabbed the lead and headed out for a walk on the beach.  

Longingly, I looked out across the bay to the Lake District hills, every now and then the haze lifted, teasing me. 

We ran free with Apollo over to a cluster of rock pools. 

I leapt between the pools, Apollo bounded straight through. 

"Cockles and mussels, alive, alive, oh".

He disturbed little crabs and fish in the shallow waters. Every now and then raising his paw in surprise as something swam between his toes. 

He wasn't won over by the crustacean experience. He wanted birds to chase instead. 

C'mon c'mon lets go! 

He rounded us up and we raced to the shore. 

Up on a dune sat an empty bench, we headed towards it for a few more moments in the sunshine. 

As we neared, behind the dune sat what looked to be a bit of an institution, The Shore Cafe

Apollo and I positioned ourselves outside while Andrew popped in something warm please, I asked him. 


Yes, a hot chocolate with all the works

We sipped as the wind picked up. 

The clouds rolled in and it was time to head back.