We got to Melun early, I underestimated my wrong sided driving abilities and AJ's fantastic navigational skill. We'd stayed just near to Melun last year while away Bouldering, but this time as we drove through, an aroma of coffee and patisserie enveloped the car. 


Off the main road through is a little square with beautiful shops and cafes. Walking past one I saw a list of beans and their regions, finding somewhere which roasted Ethiopian Sidamo we knew we were install for something good. With a full day of climbing ahead, good caffination at La Brulerie was an essential prerequisite. 


The guys in the shop were roasting green blends, I suffered major roasting equipment envy at their 5kg a time industrial setup. They talked us through their blends and beans, I wanted something a little bitter and chocolatey and Andrew was cool with trying out their Ethiopian roasts. Sitting outside in the morning light we chatted in broken French to the locals who couldn't be happier having this fantastic resource in their town.  


 Out in the forest bouldering lunch and hydration was needed in advance, so we figured brioche, macaroons and fresh pan au chocolates would work in our ascending favour. 


Thanks Melun, we'll see you for breakfast again soon,  


Au Revoir!