Garden Wanderings, Chateau De La Bergeliere, La Flocelliere

The thing about travelling with dogs, is that no matter how late you stay up the night before, chatting away endlessly, laughing until our tummies ache, you still have to walk them in the mornings. 

At La Bergeliere though, it was perfect, we simply threw on our shoes, called out to the three dogs, and off we trotted. 

La Bergeliere's gardens were beautiful, the rose bushes along the side of the Chateau in full bloom with endless soft delicate roses. 

In the mornings the dew would gather on the soft petals while the sun was low. 

Slowly, the kitchen - the central hub of any home - would fill with good mornings and clatters of breakfast and delicious smells of coffee. 

While the coffee brewed, the dogs would chase one another over the lawns. 

Fetching balls and racing one another back for another throw. 

Tuppence, a little put off by the sheer pace of Apollo and Aura, would hang back, watching, waiting for the perfect opportunity to steal the ball! 

Walking further along down through the garden paths, we'd turn and look up to the rooms on the first and second floor "you hoo! Morning!" We'd wave to our family, getting ready to face the day ahead. 

The dogs though weren't particularly interested in anything other than their favourite tennis ball... 

It didn't take long though before they were tired and I was ready for the first coffee of the day...