Back to Fleury

It started with an email the night before.


Andrew got in touch with Anne and Patrice, friends we had made last year when we spent three days in their beautiful Champagne house


"Tricia, you're not coming out with us today, you're going to drink" The toddler told me as he finished breakfast, "and Nanna and Grandad and Uncle Andrew are also going to drink" he pensively scrunched his nose thinking it through "are you going to drink wine or beer?" I hesitated "ummm" he winkled his nose again "Are you going to see your friends?"

He was right, we were. And we were all going to see them. We also had to have our order wheeled out by trolly due to the sheer quantity. 


We started with a little aperitif... 


Lots of lovely little bubbles... 

We then moved onto the next set of decisions... 

After much tasting last year I was fully aware that my favourite remained their Brut Traditional, but of course it's important to determine whether my palate has changed. 

One of the things that makes Anne and Patrice's grape so delicious is the proximity of so many varied fossils strewn below the ground. Patrice and their son have spent years excavating deep into the hills and finding wonderful specimens. The delicious minerality which is expressed in their bottles comes from the millions of years of fossils which have broken down into the soil. 

They have a beautiful set of rooms and a fantastic B&B arrangement, they're a wonderful family and we will most certainly be back again soon. 


Au Revoir for now!