After a day on the rocks, I really needed a day of recovery, on the rocks. My chosen recovery tonic was a combination of sparkling water and a glass of 3 Monts champagne beer. 


With the afternoon sun beating down I slipped into the pool to gently ease pained muscles. In light of injury this year, focus on stretching has been in the forefront of my mind. Symptoms in one place are not necessarily born out of damage at that location, combined with commuting and office work, my arms are taking a battering. 


In cut offs, cowboy hat and a vest, hick chic was certainly channelling itself. I wanted to shoot at rows of lined tin cans like I would with my cousins on the farm in the Southern Hemisphere. I wanted to ride dirt bikes down to the river and paddle the sweat away. I guess it's the hat that sets this whole Theory of a Deadman Lowlife thing off, ahh aspirations...