Before leaving for the continent, the ladies in Snooks sourced a few good headwear choices. I remember seeing photographs of my Father and his Brother, of them in their little school uniforms with boater hats as kids.


There's one of their originals which sits atop a shelf in the shop, the brother squibble about who's it once was. Just like I'm sure they did as kids. Funny that, how we can so easily revert to childish behaviour. 


Anyway, it's been a perfect break in this rural location. After a day bouldering and exploring Disneyland with the kiddos it's an idyllic spot to regroup. The grounds are perfect for explorations with the baby and toddler, the games of tennis get more and more extreme, and the pool makes for a perfect refresh. Spoilt? I think so, now back to the Pinot Noir...