Off Duty

This summer, the pages of AWS see their sixth year. Trawling through the archives I found images from the early days of sharing outfit passions and new buys, thrifted one offs. 


It's like a journey, going back through my previous passions, sometimes it's not necessarily clear what I was thinking behind the lovely items from sponsors, and experiences I chose to share. Posts about make up we're often because I was too afraid in my own skin to leave the house without a false pretense what if they see my eyebrows don't have a natural arch, what if people notice my top lip is so thin, my god the bags under my eyes. What a load! 


My love for heels was obvious, if a group of us were going out, I'd arrange the plans so as to ensure I could move from restaurant to bar to club with minimal distance and easiest taxi situations in between. Thinking about that seems like a completely different person! Now my biggest worry when it comes to my feet is normally while climbing, often ascending my toes will go numb because of the compression of the shoe, sometimes I'll hear a crunch sound and worry that I've snapped my toes without realising! It's okay in the end as long as I make the ascent. 


I guess that the more comfortable you are as a human, and the more positive you can be, the easier it is to be off duty?