Disappearing soon....

In a magical land far far away I like to spend all my free time. My father lives and works there and it's so much fun getting to live away with him during holidays.


When we arrive in Ethiopia's capital, we start our journey planning. Before heading up North to his place.

Lazy sundays are best spent by water, whether it be the pool side or boating on the reservoir by his. The photo above is so funny, we were chasing crocodiles and just over the little mound there was a massive family of them, our surprised faces are precious.

I've been visting for many years now and meet so many travelling people who are cladded in their NorthFace and hiking boots. I'll hike in a lovely little summery dress, big sunglasses and an optimistic outlook.

I have a little kitty kat at my house there. While hiking around small villages to find eggs to do a spot of baking, some of the children were dragging this tiny five week old kitten with electrical wire around it's neck. That day I didn't come back with eggs but a lovely kitten which I named after one of my favourite clubs, Snobs.

It's obvious that I don't fit in, but when I start speaking the regional languages, local people roll around in laughter, especially if you do something silly.

Indie Boy is joining us with his array of photography equipment and so I promise very very lovely photographs.