Aregash Tukuls

The night before, the guard at Aregash Lodge returned us all to the Von Trokes tukul sans hyena situation. We stayed up into the late darkness catching up with the occasional screech of Simbas nemesis.

As the first light teased through the shutters of our Tukul, I woke to the sound of tapping at the livingroom window. 

Throwing a gabi over my shoulders I ventured out The soft comfort of the bed and around our little home. The windows open to views of cascading forest all around. 

It was so peaceful, but only for a brief moment.

You know that scene in the horror film The Strangers? The one with the masked killers tapping at different windows? Well it was kinda like that... The noises continued.

I nervously headed over to the bathroom window which looked onto the neighboring Tukul. Despite the morning light, the whole site was eerily silent... 

I waited with my breath held in a nervous gasp. Nothing. 

Then behind me another tapping. I made my way past the beautiful curtains, into the next room. 

Behind me I heard a scuffle and spun around...

Obviously instigating a morning wine head curtain altercation. 

I caught him! This guy made a quick B-Line back into the trees. He had been traversing the window sills around the Tukul, and now found himself munching down on fresh guavas - Tool.

His buddies were also infiltrating the trees munching as they hoped and fell between branches

Watching these guys in amazement of there social interaction between each other was hungry work and a breakfast date awaited! I grabbed my trusted panama and off we set.....

Andrew wore his boater and ironically utilised the J.Atkinsons coffee tote to carry our water and camera paraphernalia. The irony being the location in the forrest being surrounded by Sidamo fresh beans all around. 

From the next door Tukul, emerged another little monkey and Rebecca the giraffe.

Walking to breakfast we picked out our favorite flowers, trying to find the names which perpetually remainded on the tips of our tounges.... before indulging in a delicious breakfast of pancakes ready for a busy day ahead!