Bridport Hat Festival // Popup Gin

The thing about family catchups in Bridport, is that no one ever seems to carry a phone around with them, and with the shop on the high street, we dart in and out with huge frequency. It's easy to loose the team, and I've spent what feels like half my life, darting through the streets in search of people. 

After the mass hat gathering, we dispersed in different directions. 

It was pretty easy to locate the gang, we were excited to try the Venner Bar's popup gin bar. 

We ordered a few rounds, gathered on the Rococo arm chairs, and proceeded to drink in the street. 

Just further along the coast in Cornwall, Tarquins Gin produces a very delicious dry gin. The tonic to accompany was Fever Tree and perfectly refreshing. 

The rest of the cocktail menu was available for when the bar reopened upstairs later. 

For now, the atmosphere outside was perfect, and chatting to old friends as they passed left us with huge smiles. 

After gin giggles and hearing about Katie and Hobbs's recent African travels, we left the Bull Hotel on East Street and made our way up to Millennium Green. 

On the green, bands played, food vans burst with flavours, and picnicking in the centre of it all sat more family. 

"Pop!" Went the bubbles and we all scooched up to chat amongst the music of the bands. 

We chatted as the coastal sunshine dipped in and out of clouds. 

We watched our little cousin Jack play and climb into the trees with Hobbs. 

... sipped, laughed, and enjoyed a few minutes of down time after a hectic day. 

The last picnic of the summer, and by far the best... 

*cheers* to you all (: