Skiing in Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Skiing around the Teton Range in Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is a whole different level of special. 

The mountains are tall, steep, and utterly beautiful. The runs are tough, even the easy runs, and it's the snow, ohh the snow... it's wonderful! 

Carving through freshly fallen powder feels like sliding skis through soft butter, the turns and edges stir up small clouds of powder and the air is crisp and dry. 

We were pretty pleased with the decision to spend the days playing on the slopes of this gorgeous mountain!

I booked three days of lessons to get my ski legs back, hone in skill and boost confidence on steeper gradients. For me, on steep slopes, as soon as I pick up speed the head gets involved and starts freaking out. The perverse thing is that given the opportunity to ascend a vertical wall, I'm 100% there! After a few days with Lesley, an excellent instructor from Jackson Ski School, I was ready to hit the mountain with the team! 

Jackson Hole Mountain and Ski resort blogger travel

So off we went, the boarders carved up bursts of powder while we played on the slopes... 

Jackson Hole Mountain and Ski resort blogger travel

We were utterly indulged with day after day of fresh snowfall and the mountain is so extensive with lots of runs that during the week we practically had runs to ourselves! 


It was pure bliss, and utter fun. 

Depending from the lifts I had a giant smile on my face run after run... 

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Ahh, Tetons, we've been utterly spoilt... 

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Let's do this again soon... 

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