Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

After a great evening spent exploring the V&A Waterfront, we woke early at the Breakwater Lodge where we were staying. Located just across the road from the V&A we headed across the road to pick up some tickets for the Big Red Sightseeing Bus and tickets for the cable car to the top of Table Mountain. Despite having a car, we wanted to sightsee, grab a few glasses of wine throughout the day and this was by far the best and easiest option!

We headed up on the cable car despite the low visibility warnings. 

Sept 2017-50.jpg

It was still relatively early in the morning and the clouds were lingering. The quiet calm of the mountain was eerie and so beautiful. 

Sept 2017-21.jpg

The lingering cloud gave an awesome opportunity to pick up a coffee (and cake) and enjoy the views from the cafe at the top of the mountain. 

Dec 2017-26.jpg
Sept 2017-25.jpg
Sept 2017-22.jpg

The low cloud began to lift, leaving a clear crisp view of the city below us. Unanimously we agreed that more time spent in the city exploring the small streets would have been perfect but for a great overview the open top bus was perfect. Down below at the city we wondered about those ancestors of ours who landed here all those years ago and what they must have thought looking up onto the mountain from the shoreline. 

Sept 2017-18.jpg

It was all quite humbling to appreciate. 

As the clouds lifted the temperatures crept up. Knowing that we might be out and about for the majority of the day I layered with a drop arm vest, woollen black merino base layer, denim shirt and goretex shell. My trousers were wool blend too, this way if the air is cool it holds the layer of warmth but if it gets too warm it wicks any sweat away. 

Sept 2017-40.jpg

We walked the upper trails of the mountain, scrambling and racing one another on the flats. A part of me would have loved to have climbed it just like my father has done many times. 

Dec 2017-28.jpg

In the early hours when we arrived it was blissfully quiet on the mountain, if you have a plan to go, leave early, grab a coffee at the top and get exploring. 

Dec 2017-30.jpg

For the first while it felt like we had the place to ourselves, it was a sunday and there was a wonderful sense of solitude up there. 

Sept 2017-33.jpg

Well, almost solitude... the little Dassies were scuttling around securing their prime positions for the day before it got busy. 

Sept 2017-26.jpg

While walking, the little birds chirped from the tops of shrubs, as if they weren't high enough already! 

Sept 2017-32.jpg

I guess same goes for humans though. 

There's something mystical about mountains, especially this one which rises up from the shoreline where two huge oceans converge in an angry torrent. Those who stand at the foot of an unclaimed mountain, look to the top and feel the draw to ascend it, walk that fine line between adventurous and insane. 

Sept 2017-36.jpg
Sept 2017-35.jpg

As it neared late morning and we returned to the cable car the visitor numbers were uncomfortable. The queues for the lookout points were long, the noise, the selfie sticks, the tour groups were very overwhelming. We descended in a near empty car, which rotates fully around to enable all to view the entire scene. 

Reaching the base in the warm sea level sun, the ticket office line indicated a 2hour wait - buying the ticket in advance and taking the sightseeing bus with no worry about parking was by far the easiest way. 

From there we jumped back on the rooftop in the sunshine and made our way towards Camps Bay for lunch. 

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