Remembering Inspiration

After an insanely healthy dinner with the Joo I showed him a sneak peak at the prints for my upcoming exhibition which I'll be putting up this saturday before evening birthday pre drinks.

Maybe it's the narley screwdriver which has got me reflecting, but I took a walk down inspiration lane.


There's so much delicate beauty about spring, the opening of a single flower, or a meadow, or a warm sunset. Above are a few heart warming photos from Indie Boy.

A new favourite source of creative motivation is the brilliant Matthew Thompson. It was his fashion photography which initially captivated me. The brilliant compositions, the juxtapositions, all make for a great piece of indulgence...

His array of projects which include my favourite, Life Lines, with which he teams the faces and hands of those accross the globe, is close to heart. To capture the face, the lines, the eyes, the wrinkles, creases, expression, tears... is something very personal, it tells a tale about the photographers relationship with the subject, even if for a brief moment in time.

There are a million words behind each shot, bringing colour to life, making those moments real.


Indie Boy