The Pig and Tail, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham

With autumn on the horizon we've been out at any opportunity in the evenings. 

I have a new favorite Jewellery Quarter bolt hole, a go to for practically breakfast lunch and dinner. Okay that sounds overly enthusiastic, but in the past two weeks, I've been for breakfast lunch and dinner. 

We wander across St Pauls Square, where the leaves from the giant old trees are slowly but surely showing signs of cooler months ahead. 

Past the church and up towards the center of the JQ. 

Any opportunities are seized for summer layers as I cling desperately to the warm nights and lingering sunsets. 

The Pig and Tail hasn't long been open, but it's a perfect spot to catch up with friends and neighbours. 

Inside the decor is everything that aligns with my pinterest board for my new home office... Infact JoJo has just recently had her living room in her flat painted just this colour following a breakfast catchup over sunday prosecco. 

I'm in love with the mustard benches and will be stealing this design in our kitchen renovation, I figure, a big long wall of bench at a kitchen table.

It's plush, the staff are beyond lovely, and the food... 

Oh the food... 

It's a small menu, and that's a good thing, over order on everything and what ever you do, try a burger in brioche bun. Oh my are they good... 

Order an array of sides, the pork belly is fantastic! 

But the bacon garlic mayo chips... don't order a plate thinking you'll share, because you won't...  

Once filled and content, and utterly caught up on all the gossip with those we love dearly, we ambled back to the loft. Ready to bid farewell to our dearest neighbours before a move southwards.