Girl In The Striped Pyjamas

You know, the film Boy in the Striped Pyjamas? Well, it's horribly emotional and unstabling. These Jack Wills striped PJs are my little vegetation essential. I either wear them when it's cold or we're away with my kiddo nephews. I think it's something to do with the fact that the PJ's are so vintagely juvenile that I pack them for Centreparcs weekends with the kids. 

Like little Peter Rabbit, I've been drinking lots of camomile tea this week. It could just be my bodies natural defence against excessive coffee drinking. Or it could just be that I love the stuff. 

I can't stop telling people about my duvet (like here), every night I close my eyes beneath a layer of silk luxury and wake to be a much better person for it! It has become an essential part of my well-being, the whole sleep thing and all. 

My Aunt sent me these booties that she had knitted at her home in the Karoo in Southern Africa. I loved them so much that she sent me a few more pairs. These little woollen gems are the cosiest and whenever I'm pottering around the house, rest assured they will be on my feet. Gifts like these are so beautiful, you look at each stitch which really has love poured into the motion of looping and knotting. I love them to bits, perhaps its true, when something is made with love, the feeling continues each time you look at it.