Fig & Pear Salad

We had been to the local farmers market and stocked up on a bounty of fresh goodies. 

My favourites for sure are sweet corn and figs. In Southern Africa we'd call corn on the cob Millies, you can pick grilled millies up on any roadside passing through rural areas. My cousins, Pia and Erika and I would spend hours running barefoot through the gardens, swimming, climbing trees, and after a while when hunger set in, we'd pop into the kitchen where there would always be a pot of boiling millies. In lieu of sweets, we'd crunch down on a fresh cob, lathered with butter. Mmm... delicious memories! 

We picked up a big bounty of ripe figs and pears, popped them in our tote, and headed home just in time for lunch. 

Mmm juicy! 

We had a little brie left, along with a bag of fresh walnuts. 

Gathering the ingredients we got to work on a high protein low calorie meal. The great team over at Florette, knowing my love for salads, provided a few ingredients for me to share with you. 

But lets not get ahead of ourselves, the figs and pears needed chopping first. 

... and the walnuts were gently fried with a drizzle of olive oil. 

The brie got broken up into lots of little pieces. 

Then, it all got tossed together with an olive oil, balsamic and pepper dressing which we whipped up. 

Ooh, it was so delicious, great protein, delicious sweetness, and the delicious crunch of fresh salad leaves... mmm! 

We paused for a few images, and then, dived in! 

Utterly delicious and oh so perfect. The warm walnuts added sentiments of autumn while the pears reiterated all the sweet offerings which the english farmers have to offer.