Autumn Salads

Things are feeling pretty autumnal at the moment. The leaves slowly turning golden hues, the days growing ever shorter. All of this induces feelings of hibernation, great food, and excellent company. 

I love great salad recipes for low calorie meals, and Florette the salad brand, has a load of great choices. Knowing my love for all things food, they sent me Harry Eastwood's new recipe book, A Salad for All Seasons. Andrew and I have thumbed through and bookmarked pages of recipes we love and want to try. 

Anyway, it was one of those cool mornings, the kind where the mist hovers, the air feels cool, and the wind gently howls. 

We wanted something hearty, so we tried out a beef brisket recipe from the book. 

Quickly before heading out to walk Apollo, we got to work on the preparations. 

We then left the brisket for 6 hours, heading out to meet our buddy and walk the pup. 

Walking into the loft, the delicious smell filled the rooms... 

Which isn't that great if you're a hunting dog with excellent senses... 

Pensively he watched us. 

Just willing a piece to fall on the floor... 

The tomatoes and onions had been prepped and all it took to complete the dish was a toss of fresh salad leaves. 

... and a pop of the cork!