Easy Dinners

So, hungry and tired we all gathered around for a family dinner after a long day. 

Family dinners are best when they're sociable, easy and everyone can get stuck in and help. 

The team over at Old El Paso had heard my cries for an easy weekday meal and sent a dummy proof instruction list and a few of their products over

Unlike alot of other flour tortilla products, I've always been a fan of these purely because they keep the ingredients simple and don't add any nasty stabilisers or chemicals. And no, I haven't been paid to say that - but Mr El Paso if you'd like to send me a sombrero... arrriba! 

Anyway, back to the food.

Momma had sourced some local beef, it had been grassfed and from a great farm. 

When preparing the beef, I seemed to have a little doe eyed shadow... 

While one stirred, the other one chopped, one poured, and set the table we all pitched in, turning dinner around in no time. 

The seasoning, simply dried herbs and chilli, went on. 

Apollo sat tentatively for pieces of beef offcuts... 

The soft beef, delicious veg, the spices, all came together to create a delicious dish. 

The tacos, aptly named Stand and Stuff, were filled to the brim as we laughed, chatted and caught up over the dinner table. 

Mmmm perfect!