One pan breakfast

The whole concept of hiding vegetables in meals to get kids or spouses to eat their greens is ludicrous. When gardens and local farmers produce such a bounty of food, dive in. 

Anyway, we were slightly delicate from an eve with a great buddy. Protein and vitamins were on the agenda for a breakfast pick me up. 

I dared myself to add in a chopped Devils Rib chilli. Hoping that the British Lion eggs would counteract the intense heat. You don't have to invite this little demon into your dish, you can substitute with a pepper or something sweeter like a jalapeño. 

I mixed in two eggs with half a cup of almond milk and half a cup of Oatly Single Cream just for that added richness. When choosing my eggs I love to shop local and from farmers who are transparent about their farming practices. The team over at British Lion Eggs shared a bit of knowledge about Egg Nutrition and how to tell where your eggs come from simply from the numbering with the British Lion stamp. I look out for ones which have a 0 for organic or 1 for free range.  If possible, go for almond milk with no added sugar, it still retains the sweetness from the nuts. 

Once the eggs are mixed, drizzle a few drops of olive oil into a pan. I'm obsessed with the even heat our skillet pan produces, so this is my go to. Later the veg in the base of the pan, then pour over the egg mixture. Leave on a low heat to cook evenly without burning. 

While that's cooking, I'll let you in on a little habit... We found some delicious green coffee in Ethiopia and have been practicing different roasts. 

This bold roast has a gorgeous smokey aroma, when extracted via V60 filter the taste is chocolatey and precisely what's needed to kickstart the day. 

Mmm... It's so rewarding roasting fresh beans to your liking. Experimenting with different roasts and methods to extract different flavours - it's more of a ritual than a process. 

Okay back to the food, I'm perfectly caffeinated! 

Take the pan off the heat and later on some cheese, goats cheese makes it so deliciously creamy, and if you really want to kick start the day try melting some crumbled blue cheese over the omelette. Place under a grill to melt and cook the top side through.  

Then, serve! 

I was so hungry that I wolfed it out of the pan, making sure not to touch the hot base of it. 

There's nothing like a delicious fry up, and with a whole heap of veg to get the day started, nothing could be better! 

I also accompanied it with a glass of apple cider vinegar and water. 

Then dived in for another coffee...  

And the world begun to look normal again, ah... Hello coffee...