Weekday eating

Many couples and families have affectionate nicknames for one another. For example, my Aunt calls her husband Woofy, we call my Momma The Did and Andrews Momma Dude.

Regarding my nicknames... well there are many, one in particular regularly applies to my appetite - Pablo. It was after watching the Netflix series Narcos based on Pablo Escabar's life, that Andrew turned to me and said "You're Pablo Esabar when you're hungry."

Anyway, when I'm hungry, or hangry, I am intolerable.

So to counteract my unapologetic awfulness when blood sugar is low and my tummy is empty, I prepare.

What's that Project Management saying - Plan to protect and protect the plan? Well in this case it's very literal.

You may be aware, but I spend time working in different offices, different locations, sometimes from home or with new clients in their environments. I have a small company, born out of these pages called Create AWS.

When out travelling and grabbing lunch on the go, it can be a challenge to stay ontop of meals, find motivation to get to the gym, and keep ontop of projects. So, over the last decade of working in offices, I've come up with some pretty solid solutions. 

The team over at Natural Balance Foods (the genius brand behind Nakd Bars) got in touch to share some tips like Gym Motivation and Ways to Break Bad Habits. They asked what my favourite Nakd bar was - Cocoa Delight of course, but then, I admitted that that and Cashew Cookie are the only ones I've tried.

So they sent me a few others to coax me out into brave new flavours. 

My Cousin is Gluten Intolerant and a secondary school teacher, and to combat hunger she always carries a few mixed nuts and a Nakd Bar. I use them as quick breakfasts or additions to meals through the day. 

Often, enroute to the office, I'll nibble a Cocoa Delight with a fresh filter coffee. Between the caffeine and cocoa, I can safely say that I'm a much better person. 

I also love chia seeds, mixed with a little almond milk and Raw Cacao Powder refrigerated over night. Mmm.... it's a sweet and filling yoghurt substitute. 

Over the weekend, I like to prepare for the week ahead by making breakfast muffins. This weekend we were so busy, that my Momma left a big basket of fresh gluten free banana and date muffins. I'll alternate between a muffin, bar and cacao chia most days. 

Lemon Water is and always will be one of my favourite drinks. The benefits are endless and whether drunk hot or cold, it's a great way to start the day! 

Have you ever read Charles Duhigg's The Power of Habit? He tells an anecdote in the introduction about weight gain, and how when he really thought about why he was gaining a few extra pounds, he realised that it was because each day he would walk through the office, have a chat with colleagues and pick up a cookie from the vending machine. It's easy to pick up bad habits, especially during the working day. 

So to stop myself wandering to a vending machine and picking up a chocolate bar, I try to identify when I'm getting restless - sometimes I'll have been sat too long working on a document. I often make a call, stand up, walk around, and nibble on a piece of fruit or healthy bar. 

Or I'll take five minutes to brew a green tea or fresh coffee. 

When it comes to lunches, if I'm not prepared, I will have the biggest meal possible. 

My easiest lunch is rice noodles and cut veg, prepared the night before with some chopped garlic and chillies. When it's time for the meal, simply pop the kettle on boil, pour over, stir, drain and eat. 

It's so easy, it's quick to prepare, and it feels like a filling meal. 

Then all that's left is to tuck in and get back to work!