Staple Favourites

After a morning park run with Apollo, I quickly jumped in the shower, ran a brush through my hair, and headed into town to meet Vicks and CiCi.

Rushing out the loft I grabbed my bag and staple jewellery favourites.  

During the short walk over, checking the time, I thought a bit about the pieces I had chosen. There really is no reason why as consumers, we shouldn't be more accountable for our choices. It gets pretty tough to unpick different green products offered, when Uncommon Goods got in touch and shared their knowledge about the socially and environmentally responsible goods they have to offer, my ears pricked up. 

They told me about the community of B Corporations, a group of business's who are redefining what it means to be a great business. 

Scrolling through their jewellery section, I found a few favourite items including these gorgeous bracelets and necklaces which I've bookmarked ready for some gift shopping! I'm in two minds whether to buy the lunar necklace for Vick's birthday or whether to keep it all for myself! 

Knowing my love for horology, Uncommon Goods kindly sent me this awesome Happy Hour Bottle Watch! It's recycled glass, environmentally conscious, and walking over, looking down at it, I realised I needed to get a move on, because happy hour was well underway and I was missing out! 

We scooted into Nosh & Quaff on Colemore Row in Birmingham. It was great catching up with the team and we fell in love with the bar. 

Just outside is Victoria Square, looking out onto buildings so beautiful, you forget where you are. 

Avoiding gluten, I opted for cider... 

The Blind Pig Bourbon and Blueberry was deeeelicious. 

Vicks sipped Chase Vodka... another favourite of mine - and locally produced. 

We chatted about shopping, sharing our feelings about consumerism and what it is that we expect from a company. 

The great thing is that we have so much power in our cash, and companies and manufacturers are responding to our changing needs. 

The ring I was wearing is a an absolute favourite of mine, about ten years ago I was in Evora in Portugal. Walking through the beautiful old buildings, I came across a small artisan jeweller and found this big piece of smokey quartz in a simple silver setting. The lady, so lovely and relaxed, chatted about meanings behind smokey quartz and her passions and visions for jewellery. 

It's still a favourite of mine all these years later.

Like my Papa says, if you're looking for an investment don't get jewellery, you will never part with it. 

We sipped, laughed, chatted in the window with rays of sunlight. 

A perfect catchup xoxo