Holiday Fitness

Since discovering the benefits of running on 'shrooms, all of a sudden, I'm running on 'shrooms. 


Not just any 'shrooms, these are Four Sigmatic's Cordyceps Elixers and my gosh have they impacted my endurance abilities. I'll take a sachet before a bike ride or run and feel the benefits of it almost immediately. 

Sept 2017-102-2.jpg
Sept 2017-103-2.jpg

While travelling typically I eat and drink far more than normal, especially in different countries where the culinary experience is a huge part of discovering new locations. Many of the off grid type accommodation locations don't tend to have gym facilities so I'll roll out a mat and practice yoga via Youtube Videos (Balanced Beet is my favourite). I'll also try to incorporate cardio into my practice, okay, I'll be honest, the main reason is that I got into a bet with one of my business partners and signed a contract challenge between my family (Andrew and I) and his family of 5 (two adults and three teenagers) whereby whichever family achieves the target distance, the losing family pays for a holiday for the winning family. 

So, I grabbed Andrews Garmin and got running, for health but also to win. 

Dec 2017-107.jpg

I set the watch to run and headed out to rack up milage. 

Dec 2017-106.jpg
Dec 2017-108.jpg
Dec 2017-109.jpg

... finishing up with some breath work and bodyweight movements. 

Dec 2017-115.jpg

... and panting back, tired, sweating, invigorated and ready to log my mileage against my competition. 

Practicing yoga my body thrives with stretches, sometimes if I align my breath and really feel present within it, my stretches feel so restorative and I can visualise toxins leaching out - woowoo I know! 

So so smug. Of course motivation should come from within and it should be sustainable, in this case it is to an extent, exercise and breaking into a sweat is a reward, it's thanking your body for it's strength and everything that it offers. Although, friendly competition is kinda fun - especially seeing the benefits amongst us all! 

Dec 2017-113.jpg