Around the Africa Inn, Oudtshoorn, South Africa

Getting out on the bikes was a pretty great experience. To wind down after a great day while staying at the Africa Inn, we would walk the trails and explore different corners of the property by foot. 

The land is extensive with around 22km of trails around the property. Armed with sticks to address any sleeping snakes on the tracks, we ventured out for a sunset hike. 

Tracks, carved out by the family who own the property, take you up and down high hills into river beds and escarpments. The vegetation is something else, with huge cactuses and succulents and trees. 

Dec 2017-225.jpg
Dec 2017-218.jpg
Dec 2017-222.jpg

Reaching the hilltops we could see out towards the nearby villages. The white spire below is that of the church in the small hamlet where we sipped wine at the Karusa Vineyard. The mountains behind were home to the Swartberg pass which we didn't make on this trip but will certainly put it on the bucket list for next time. 

Dec 2017-216.jpg
Dec 2017-223.jpg

Returning back to our beautiful hilltop home, we popped the kettle on as the last rays of sunset fell. I indulged in a Reishi mushroom elixir, sipping it as the birds made their final calls before nightfall. The silence which followed was meditative, blissful. We sat outside by candlelight with the fire still smouldering from dinner earlier that evening.

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