Weekend Bliss

Ooh what a week! I was thrilled this afternoon when Indie Boy said he's run out of money and instead of heading to the awesome High Wycombe and Oxford for the weekend, if it were possible to head back to our parentials. Our families live a stones throw apart in rural, we only hooked up really a few years ago in the summer before uni. That's another tale. 

Anyway, I was stoked to get home ASAP because I'd found a treasure chest of my dads old film SLR lenses, a mecca for us wee geeks, and my mother had found a converter to my DSLR. Excitement. 


This week I popped to some beautiful Botanical Gardens which just gushed with Spring time. 


The best things about springtime include the May Birthdays which I share, little lambs, but most of all, that Summer is not far away. 

I've always loved BlueBells. One of the first holidays in England which I remember, I'd come from The Kingdom of the Sky and my dear little cousin took me to a magical wood. She held her hands over my eyes as she guided me to a beautiful forest opening. As she let me look all I saw were blankets and blankets of these merry flowers. 

When I got home the first thing I did was try out the lenses, and of course, indulge in some naughty treats! 

I loved these roses, so romantic, and so girly.