Festive blowout? That's okay, let's get you back on track

Okay... so we may have over indulged this festive season. Well, that's okay, don't dwell on it. Just move on. 

Everything in life is about balance, and it's easy to get back on track after a full on blowout. This month I'm focusing intensely on my health and wellbeing - but that doesn't mean bland iceberg lettuce dinners. It's an opportunity to try meals that you may not normally, and experience the great benefits that ingredients and superfoods can bring. 

Big breakfast chia smoothie bowls are my go-to. Chia seeds are an excellent source of nutrients and all the fruit in the bowls will help replenish you with good sugars. 

Breakfast Chia Bowl

Now, I've told you about my whole statins thing right? Well about 6 years ago I completely changed my life after suffering with heart disease for... well pretty much my whole life. Anyway, on statins you can't eat grapefruit - so, I worked with specialists, rehauled my life and now, well, touch wood, no statins which means a whole lotta grapefruit! 

Give broiled grapefruit a go, it lessens the bitterness of the fruit and the delicious natural sugars just caramelise and ooze out! 

Okay, if you're a regular reader you may have heard me talk about my chocolate balls. Actually, I talk to everyone about my chocolate balls, I make big batches most weeks and dish them out around the office. 

Well, these are easy to make in advance, they store well, and they're so good you can just eat and eat and eat. 

Another chia seed bowl, but this one is a great desert alternative. Make it in advance, leave it in the fridge, and nourish the soul. 

Indulge in this deliciously creamy yet utterly nourishing raw cheesecake. It's a favourite recipe of ours and it feels like the greatest indulgence!