Seriously, Netflix and Chill

Okay, so I'm sure we all decided to go sober for the new year, get to the gym, loose a few pounds... recover from lots of spending in the sales. 

What's that saying? Staying in is the new going out? Well, I don't believe that, but perhaps for a few weeks as our waistbands and wallets recover. 

So, throw on some leggings, cleanse your make up off, pop on some slippers and join me on the sofa for some pretty awesome shows and dramas. 

Oh, one rule if you're coming to mine, dogs are included in everything, and damn do they love their trash tv. 

And don't worry, the snacks won't derail any diet. 

Have you tried Emily Fruit Crisps? I grabbed a bag after the gym last week and instantly fell in love with them. 

My favourite? The Crunchy Pineapple is delicious! 

Right, let's get to it! I'll share my favourites at the moment... 

Channel 4 On Demand

Heartless - Oh my gosh, where to begin with this one... It's dark, creepy, Danish and such a good watch. The filmography is perfect with Twilight bokeh and light flares, yet with just a little Scandanavian desaturation.  While editing videos I got through a whole session on 4OD... then slept with the light on, just encase life suckers invaded. 

Deutschland 83 - Another Walter Presents production, Deutschland 83 is beautifully filmed, the storyline perfectly unsettling. As a viewer who never really experienced the Cold War feelings, this series really challenges ideas of what life may have been like during those unsettling periods of global tension. 

What Britain Bought in 2015 - I need you to be aware of how much I adore Mary Portas. This one show programme provides such a great insight into the power of consumerism... and I've got a confession... I never bought a Spiralizer... 



Making a Murderer - Do you remember the Steven Avery trials? Everything that connected to the case always seemed a little off. In the UK as news broke with his trials, I often thought, there's got to be more to this. Well I obviously wasn't the only person thinking this, the whole series of Making a Murderer looks at real evidence and explores the case from different angles. 

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - If you haven't watched it already... this is a feel good series which will induce often uncontrollable laughter. The storyline is far fetched but perfectly formed for a hilarious comedy of errors, in the best way possible. As a result of the series, I cannot accept a glass of Pinot Noir without this song playing around, and around in my head.

How to Get Away With Murder - Okay, another film with murder in the title - don't judge! One weekend I woke up early with the dogs, and popped on episode 1 of season 1. By 1am the next day I had binged my way through the whole season. Allow yourself to get enveloped and discover which one is the murderer and marvel at what an imensely great actor Viola Davis is. 


BBC iPlayer

Luther - No introduction needed, Luther is back and the new series 4 is pretty awesome with the same creepy darkness and crime fighting. Luther is never a light watch, it's intense, gripping and will have you checking under the bed before you go to sleep!

Reggie Yates Extreme UK - If you haven't watched any episodes of Reggie Yates's insight into extreme groups, behaviours and social movements in the uk, you need to! It is a complete eye opener - especially Gay and Under Attack

Hinterland - The dark gripping detective drama is back with season 2 and ohhhh my... is it good. The filmography is fantastic, the storyline engaging and damn does it make you worry about village life! 

When watching anything, I often find myself distracted by these two... 

They demand that I share my food with them, and if I don't, well... I end up getting love and cuddles from them and they steal a bite through stealth... 

So I just give in, Aura goes wild for blueberries. 

They also have subtle ways of telling you when they've had enough of watching you watching the screen... 

Cute - butter - wouldn't - melt faces are pulled. 

Aura - the most attention hungry of the two, pulls out all the stops... 

...and when she starts refusing treats... well then you know it's time to drop the screen and check back into the world. now, puppy play! 

What have you been watching? Is there anything I need to binge out on?