Excellent Workout Drinks

My Sweethearts,

During the working week I love to get out during the day to the gym. I swim most lunchtimes, do a quick workout at my gym after work, and sometimes... only sometimes... get on the treadmill before work! Doing all of this I feel great and utterly energised. I balance what I drink in order to maintain energy levels and workout to my hardest.

Coffee: About half an hour to an hour before I exercise, I drink a nice strong black coffee... it's normally my only one of the day (unless it's been an eeearlyyyy morning). This gives me a nice boost of energy and lets me really go that extra mile, whether it's in the pool or doing cardio, it really feels great!

Vitamin Water: When I'm going that extra mile and need a little bit of goodness...

Water: Always, there isn't a time you shouldn't be drinking water. I had kidney stones last year which were exacerbated from dehydration, it fucking hurt, so thus, I will not leave a room without a bottle of water!

Green Tea: I read somewhere that Green Tea is a brilliant post workout drink, it just keeps that metabolism of yours ticking over that little bit more. It really works... after hating the taste of green tea all those years ago, I've just learnt to love it!

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All my love, Patricia