Mass Veg

Recently I've been juicing everything - not quite ready for a full Joe Cross reboot but still loading up on nutrients. 

With all the veg in the house it's a constant feast - it's even better as a brunch instigator.  


We had chopped up a load of veg earlier and frozen them to keep while we were away earlier in the month. 

Pop it all into a pan of boiling water to soften - you'll want to mash it later so you may need one or more pans if need be. 


When it comes to leafy green veg, it's normally reserved entirely for Vivaldi. It seemed ridiculous to drive 30 miles though to deliver these to her at Mommas house, so I got to work chopping. 

Chop the greens finely until long and stringy. Then leave them aside for a few minutes depending on how Al dente you prefer your greens. 

Once the veg has softened, I added in a very heaped tablespoon of English Mustard with their delicious seeds. 

Then mashed it all together into a lumpy consistency. 

Is it just me who can't stomach over cooked greens? For the big bunch of leafy greens that I'd chopped up earlier, I simmered briefly until they turned luscious dark green. 

Then once the greens have been strained, mix into the mashed vegetables and firmly pat down into a skillet pan. You could also use a loaf tray for this and just pay the mixture finely - I wanted to both fry on the job and under the grill. 

The grilling was for the masses of blue cheese laden over the top of it. 

Gentle heat crisped it deliciously!  

We tucked in with a beer, kicked our feet back and indulged in a netflix session!