Green summer salad

So, since the whole garden thing kicked off, we've had limitless quantities of greenery sprouting. The quantities of purple sprouting was fantastic, we've had so much delicious celery and herbs appearing. 

Continuing with my mission to remain off statins for my messed up genetics, I've been exploring lunchtime alternatives. I picked up some fresh local broccoli which tasted great when lightly steamed. The awesome thing about broccoli is that if you don't have prepping time, just add boiling water for a few minutes and stir it up to soften and cook. 

Anyway, I'm slowly weaning myself off dairy with only a little portion once or twice a week. So with my dairy day I added some crumbled organic local feta to a cup of steamed broccoli. 

I also made up a huge side salad which consisted of garden grown greens - including celery leaf. The whole eating celery lead thing came from watching the bunnies foraging in the garden. They got into the celery and went crazy, munching down stalk after stalk including the leaves. So now, I share the leaves with the two bunnies, one handful goes to me and another to the two of them. 

Of course I picked extra and threw in a few herbs too... 

Making Freddy a very happy ball of fluff!