Five delicious cocktails to try

Many of you will know that I have a taste for drinks, any drinks! Sparkling water and fresh frozen berries is a favourite on par with a classic vodka on ice.

On 5:2 fast days or designated driver posts, sparkling water makes for a fantastic basis for drinks.

Mimosas were instigated during Henley Regatta situations, the kind of situations where suits and dresses accompany 9am pre race toasts, by which I mean cheers and not whole grain. Anyway, the Elgar road pre work breakfast club evolved a virgin anti Mad Men version which was wonderfully bubbly and perfect to start the day. 

After a delicious dinner, I love this adult twist on after dinner coffee. In small quantities, they're creamy, and rich, and supply just enough caffine to endure a late night taxi ride home. 

Lemon water, a classic. When breakfast mimosa's are not appropriate, lemon water works pretty well too... It also helps diffuse any lingering tequila heads from the night before (and if it's a monster of a tequila head - add extra peppermint).

Now sparkling kirsch is a perfect quick drink with a lot of Bambi cuteness. I find Babycham bottles always go down a hit, but if you're not a Perry Cider lover, substitute for prosecco or champagne - the mini pink Lanson bottles are very lovely too. 

Sometimes I just want to stomp my feet like a brat and demand chocolate milk. This peppermint infused Almond milk based drink is warm, it's naughty, and it pacifies our inner brat.