Raw Cacao Chocolate Bites

You are going to love my chocolate balls. 

Everyone loves these chocolate balls. 

I offer them around the office, I make batches for my business partners, they're Andy's favourite desert, and the best bit? They're free of all sorts of nasties. 

Ready to make your own batch? Let's go... 

Contains: 100grams cashew nuts soaked for around 60mins, 100grams dates, 30grams Goji Berries, 2 heaped tablespoons of raw cacao powder. 

Method: Pop all ingredients in a chopper and pulse until smooth. Then, roll into chocolate balls. 


I had never been a fan of dates, infact I really disliked them, disdained them.

Anyway, one night years ago, I opened the Greek Cypriote's cupboards (whose house that I had become a permanent fixture in (I sleuthed in then never left!)) after the tequila incident beforehand, and instead of carbs, all he had was a few medjool dates and a bottle of olives.

Since then, I'm converted! 

When soaked, cashew nuts become deliciously creamy and easy to chop. 

With the dates and the goji berries, you get delicious sweetness. 

The cacao is a fantastic source of energy and great nutrition... sprinkle a little over the rolled balls for added pizazz. 

Keep them in an air tight container and leave in the fridge - they last for days!