Celebratory "cheers" Mimosa's

When it comes to celebrations, my favourite two drinks are Prosecco (or pink champagne) and vodka. So with new year antics pending, it seemed only rational to combine the ingredients to make a lovely celebratory cocktail. 

So, Mimosa's, they might be my one favourite cocktail, primarily because on weekends in beautiful hotels and headbanging circles, it is utterly appropriate to accompany breakfasts with Mimosa's... 

My choice is vodka is fussy, not through pretention but instead rides along a boulevard of bad drinks choices - seriously, be fussy, the UK is flooded with fake vodka at the moment. Fake vodka being anything that looks clear and liquidy... paint thinner... ethanol... vinegar... no joke. 

Reyka vodka is delicious and I love it best on it's own over a few ice cubes. 

With so many satsumas around the house, it seemed genius to include them in a delicious cocktail. Their sweetness works so perfectly with the dryness of my favourite Prosecco. If instead you want to use oranges or grapefruit, ie more bitter fruits, perhaps try using a Champagne or Pinot Noir based brut instead. 

To go into the cocktail shaker I squeezed in a few pieces of fruit zest just for those added oils from the fruit to give the drink a deep and sweet aroma.

Instead of squeezing the christmas citrus leftovers in a civilised fashion, I applied my climbing hands to the job...

That satsuma clearly had no idea that I was about to mash him, Bear Grylls style.

Okay enough mashing, I added a splash of vodka to the ice and fresh juice, a splash being however much you feel fit. In my case... a volumous quantity.

Give it a good shake to cool the juice and vodka before adding about a quarter to third of a glass flute...

Then angle your bottle of bubbly, my choice being a dry prosecco to compliment the citrus sweetness, and... POP!

Pour the bubbles over the chilled citrus combination...

...and voila! CHEERS!