Iced Coffee

After just meeting Andrew some time back, I texted him to ask if he'd like anything from Starbucks and I'd pick it up for him. I'm not even sure why I was going into Starbucks, it must have been as a reason to have to communicate via BBM. He wanted a "3 shot skinny ice mocha with less ice". Pardon. I'll never forget that, it was nearly a decade ago and my taste in coffee was simply sidelined for red bull. 

I guess it needed it, with lots of jobs being juggled, trying to break into the corporate world, finishing studies, doing pretty sweet night shifts in black leather at gigs venues, running my own company. Damn. If a totalled Ida Marie had said to me "put the red bull down, you need this iced coffee recipe in your life" I'd have probably called security on her. 

Fast forward and this morning I woke to balmy weather, clearly promising an early spring and warm summer to come. I didn't want coffee. I didn't want a hot mug of v60. A cold mug on the other hand... 

It got me thinking... 

I extracted 250ml of coffee via v60 drip. 

After leaving the fresh Jo to cool, I poured it into an ice tray. 

Once filled, I precariously balanced the tray in the freezer for the longest hour. Impatiently I kept checking on it, anxious for my first cup of the day. 

Okay. After prising out half a dozen cubes, I mixed a tiny end of teaspoon of vanilla with 200ml of almond milk. 

Then, oh yes... add vanillaery flavoured almond milk to the ice cubes...