When I found out that M&S Wasabi peas were actually made from horseradish - a huge part of me squealed. Yay horseradish - you so good. 

My affinity for the root vegetable harks from childhood holidays spent on my grandparents farm in Southern Africa. On the long road from the house to the gate sat a few fields where in the winter horseradish flourished. On very early morning expeditions around the valley where the farm sat, you would see Nyala and Impala nibbling away at the leaves. A field every now and then would be left for the animals. It's probably not a great spreadsheet practice, but it excel aside it was a pretty great ethical approach. 

In my tiny loft terrace, I have two pots brimming with the plants. The roots have grown into more plants and you can hardly make it to the seating without bumping into the overflowing minor shrub.

I dug out a large healthy looking stem - the leaves large and filled with colour make a delicious addition to salads. 

The roots had a good scrub to remove any dirt. 

I wish I had the patience to intricately chop, but hey - life is too short. So I popped the root into a hand blender and ensured that the root was sufficiently chopped.  

Giving the root a fantastically linear chop and leaving the scent of the root exploding into your nose. 

I had wanted some good sushi for a few days and suddenly, with the addition of horseradish, quickly found reason to get the sushi rice on the boil.  

Then loaded up the nori sheets...  

Gently rolled...  


And dug into some delicious flavours high tends with the addition of fresh horseradish!  

Overall, a pretty good win!