Green Bean Noodles

Yes - to noodles! Anytime. Good noodle dishes are the easiest go to meals for me. 

The great thing about egg and rice noodles is that you can leave them in the cupboard, they're such an easy basic. I love Blue Dragon's Egg Noodles for their organic ingredients and their soft taste. 

When they're not growing in the vertical garden, we stock up on green beans with pretty much every shop. For this dish, I fried a handful of green beans along with some copped onions and garlic. Follow the instructions on your packet noodles to cook them, gently frying the beans and onions for three to four minutes. 

The smell of fresh garlic and onions is enough to keep any vampire from the doors, but it's oh so delicious! 

Strain out the noodles, mix in the contents of the frying pan and you're almost good to go. Throw in some roughly chopped parsley to compliment the flavours, then you're good to go! 

Plate up and enjoy!