Easy Easter Nests

We've all made these, right? 

Easter nests, made from melted chocolate, cereal and topped with our favourite easter egg shaped confectionary. 

Any opportunity for a gift and I'm armed with these little easter treats... 

...wrapped up in tissue paper and boxes they look so darn sweet. 

Of course, if you've ever made them, you'll know how quick an easy they are. 

Simply crumble shreaded cereal, melt chocolate, and mix. Then spoon out into containers and refrigerate for at least an hour until hard. 

Melt the chocolate in a bowl over hot water, stir regularly until all the pieces have melted and it's silky smooth. 

Mix the melted chocolate and cereal. 

... add decorative easter eggs... 

...and that's it! 

Wrap it, share it, gift it, enjoy!