Lavender Gin

Memories have kept me from gin experiences ever since the Ethiopian skinny dipping incident of 2009 - with a Coptic priest, an assembly of arsenal, Russians and, I'll stop there. Anyway, five years on and wholly organic here I am sipping my sustainable fermented Grenache and who pops by - The Tipsy Tarts. One of the Tartlettes has been a dear family friend for yonks now, and antics often conclude with cheek pinching giggle fits. 


So, we toasted to deliciously sweet and oh so summery cherry vodka Bellinis - let's say it together... Viokda... In a Red esq manner from Orange is the New Black.  


I assumed naively that the next toast would be to more "Voidka..." but instead... Lizzie piped up "Ginnn!"  


Crumpling in fear I fubled for excuses. Eventually, with this beautiful cocktail in hand I gave in. It was deeelicious. It tasted like summer, we tried it both with prosecco and tonic water. I preferred the prosecco because it just sweetened the taste of the lavender so much. 

This one's now on my list of favourites!